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c10c7a23d2835b750f752716e5c2a571-1 < My favorite thing about taking photographs  is finding the person, what their strengths are and bringing that out. Once you do that and show that to someone and they look at these pictures, they’re like, “That’s me! Holy crap, where have I been all these years!” What I really try to do is make it is a fun, relaxed environment. I let people know that if they mess up, it’s digital, not film, so we got thousands of photos we can take. We can take 10,000 photographs before I run out of digital space. Those are the kind of things to put people at ease because the more relaxed they are, the more their personality can come out. IMG_0941

LaMark Tillery

Founder & CEO

Photography is my passion and there is nothing that I love to do more than take excellent photos. I get excited and look forward to each photo session, which leaves me energized and full of life.